User Registration

1. If you are part of a brokerage you will receive an invitation to join 

the platform – Click Confirm Invitation

2. Upon confirmation – it will redirect to the login page. Click “Create an Account”

3. Fill out the fields using the same e-mail address that your brokerage invitation was sent to and click “Continue”

4. You will be prompted to enter a PIN to verify your e-mail address. That PIN will be e-mailed to you. Use this pin to register – You will be prompted


Joining Your Brokerage

1. Navigate to the “My Details” tab at the top of your page. You will see a prompt to “Accept” the invitation under the “Parent Brokerage” section. Click Accept.


Placing an Order

2. Choose Your Property Type – This selection will be saved for all your future orders.

3. Select Your Services – Click the “Set Property” button to the right to input address. You can select multiple services for one order. Your services will be tied to the address you input.

4. Enter your property details and Confirm Location

5. Choose your desired services and click “Continue”

6. Pre-Checkout Page – This part of the order pertains to the specific details and/or requests for each product you ordered.

a. The first section “Order Details” pertains to your contact details. You also have an opportunity to add any collaborators you might want to add to the project. They will                  receive key notifications.

b. The following sections pertain to each product you ordered. Ensure to provide the on-site contact details and specific requests or notes pertaining to that product.

c. Pick your preferred booking date and time. You will need to do this for each product you have selected before continuing.

7. Completing Your Order – This is your opportunity to make any changes or add any last minute notes. Not to worry, notes can be added even after an order is processed. Choose the Invoice Option and select your respective brokerage and click “SUBMIT”.

1. Click the “Order Now” button at the top right corner of your screen.


User Notifications and

Product Upload Requirements

2. Products that require user uploads can be accessed by clicking your bell notification, accessing your media portal or clicking the link in the email. Here you can upload a file or use an existing file from one of your projects on the platform.

1. Sometimes your orders will require you to upload files. You might also receive notifications regarding your invitations and other things relevant to your order. Click the bell at the top right to see your notifications. Many of these notifications are also sent via e-mail.

Accessing the Media Portal

And Your Orders

2. On-going Order: Click an in-progress order. This is where you can upload media files, add service notes, or submit support tickets if you need some assistance.

3. Accessing a Completed Order: Click a completed media project. Click on the Product you ordered and it will bring you to the media files. Your download links for your projects can be found here.

1. The Media Portal acts as your central hub. From here you can see on-going projects as well as access your completed projects. Click the user icon at the top right to access your portal.


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